Dua Lipa’s hunky ‘silver fox’ father at Brit honours will get tongues wagging

FAST, some body have myself a DILF-fibrillator. Because there’s a Dad I’d want to, besthookupwebsites.org/chat-zozo-review/ umm, Flirt with so tough that I’d wanted resuscitating afterward.

To quote their girl, vocalist Dua Lipa — he’s Hotter then Hell.

The biggest breakthrough act of the Brits on Wednesday was actually Dukagjin Lipa, the 23-year-old star’s compliment daddy, whose widespread gender appeal had been observed by number Jack Whitehall.

Actually apparently heterosexual Jack couldn’t let but gush over Mr Lipa during an interview with Dua, calling the woman old man a “silver fox”.

Because camera panned to a cheerful Dukagjin — revealing he has perfectly direct gnashers and pulls down a tux better than Bond — the reduced parts of lots of people around the nation arrived lively.

Jack spoke when it comes to country when he said: “You discover how a lot of a father crush We have. He is the greatest dad. Have a look at Dukagjin! Are we able to see a camera on this guy?

“The silver fox over right here, the best-looking father into the music business. I do want to create a dad swap — can you need mine?”

Luscious Mr Lipa happened to be pretty sufficient to have a look embarrassed — creating him both hot and modest. The lusty girls of Britain swooned and, because they frequently manage, struck social media marketing to express their unique perverted thoughts about a stranger.

“Still lusting over Dua Lipa’s DILF father this morning SilverFox,” stated another. “Dua Lipa’s dad actually was the identify on the tv show,” added a third.

I, and others, straight away forgot about Hugh Jackman prancing about on stage through the opening wide variety, as a smile from Dukagjin made me wanna hug him in the Lipas.

Although seemingly bashful about the interest he could be obtaining, this 50-year-old damn-fine father is indeed no stranger to rock ’n’ roll.

From inside the 1990s he had been a favorite Kosovar Albanian stone celebrity in a group also known as Oda nowadays works a marketing and sales communications agency and Kosovo songs event, Sunny Hill.

Dukagjin also features plainly on Dua’s Instagram — possibly to increase this lady attract a wider readers — and it is typically their plus-one at large activities.

The guy even accompanied the lady for the recent Grammys, lookin usually easily fit in an Armani suit.

Like every great, er, plan, he seemingly have all things in lifestyle, with a just as attractive partner, Anesa and some some other pretty, younger teens whom aren’t popular. Yet.

The family found Britain from Kosovo in 1992 amid the oppression that preceded the combat. And all i could say usually it had been Kosovo’s control and our very own get.

Sadly for Britain, Duk returned to Kosovo following the conflict concluded in 1999 along with in the Sunny mountain festival inside the hometown of Pristina.

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