According to research, the number of young people with behavioural problems has doubled over the past three decades, and those with emotional difficulties have increased by 70%.

Furthermore, as literacy consultant and TES contributor Sue Palmer states, “for some time teachers have been pointing out that children are becoming more difficult to teach; that they find it more difficult to teach; that they find it more difficult to pay attention, their listening is getting worse and they are more distractible.”

In a world of ever-present distractions, ranging from too much technology at their disposal, to social media, to a thirst for fame driven by reality TV shows, is it any wonder so many young people are frustrated, confused, and lacking in confidence??

One of the biggest reasons for poor attitudes and bad behaviour is a lack of self-esteem. And there is no greater cause of poor self-esteem than a lack of knowledge of who one is and where one is going.

The solution lies in three simple steps.

1. Identify Achievements

As a result of unfortunate circumstances, ranging from negative environments and influences, to little or no access to positive affirmation, many children grow-up believing they do not have what it takes to succeed in life. And the inevitable result is poor attitude and behaviour.

The first step is to enable children to identify five moments in their life in which they achieved something they are proud of. It doesn’t have to be something to do with education. It can be anything from finishing a parkrun to looking after a friend. Literally anything!

2. Identify the talents and attributes that were used to actualise each achievement.

By this stage individuals begin to recognise their strengths and abilities, thereby giving them more confidence and self-worth.

3. Identify what each talent / achievement says about them.

This particular process not only enables individuals to understand themselves better but also empowers them with the knowledge of the kind of situation / environment they thrive in.

Our mini self-discovery session enthuses young individuals with purpose, confidence, and a far more positive attitude.

The most important aspect about this mini self-discovery session is the fact that it comes from within, and not from the outside. In other words, it is the individuals themselves that pin-point and identify everything, thereby making their findings authentic and far more powerful.

One of the greatest challenges young people face today is a lack of knowledge of who they are. As a result, many children develop poor attitudes and belief-systems, leading to poor health and well-being. The longer it goes on the deeper it gets, and the more confusion and frustration surfaces. It’s a vicious cycle.

The answer lies not in addressing behaviour but in unearthing the wealth of talent within and connecting heart with mind.

1. Positive Attitude
2. Far more focus
3. Greater Productivity
4. Far Better Behaviour
5. Greater confidence
6. Positive Self-worth
7. Significantly improved Health and Well-being

the biggest reason for poor attitudes and bad behaviour is a lack of self-esteem.

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