Young Authors

What people are saying

“My son has always been interested in writing but this course has got him hooked on it. He’s writing every day now and practicing the techniques he was taught. As a result he aced the School Creative writing assessment test.”



“It was really impactful and my daughter was motivated throughout (which is quite a challenge as she usually tends to have interest in things for a short period). Even her younger sister has picked up on her energy and is now always writing and telling stories of her own.”



“It’s been great learning how to write. I loved the classes, and it has helped with writing stories in common entrance and at school. Mr. Olusegun is funny and yet he is also serious and I enjoyed the six weeks. Thank you, Mr. Olusegun.



“Thank you so much for all the hard work in putting together a curriculum that helped develop the kids ingenuity in digging deep into their creative minds. My girls loved every session and have also developed an intentional approach to writing and story telling.”



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