I often wonder how David must have felt as he approached Goliath. Was he resolute in his belief that God would give him victory, hence no fear at all?

Or did he quiver a little at the sight of the giant opposite him? After-all Goliath was resplendent in battle gear – sword, shield, breast-plate, shin-guards, helmet, and so much more. He was the very epitome of experience, preparedness, and battle savvy. Not too dissimilar to major corporations such as IBM, Microsoft, or British Airways.

Bill Gates’ passion to radically improve the way we work and communicate meant he had to face-up against IBM.

Richard Branson’s passion for excellent customer service for air travel meant he had to face-up against British Airways.

Steve Jobs’ passion for fun, attractive, and easy to use computers meant he had to face-up against Microsoft.No matter your passion, the reality is you too have Goliaths to face.

But, and herein lies the crux of today’s message, no matter who or what your Goliath is, and how that particular corporation or individual goes about their business, keep a very tight hold on the reason behind your passion. For it’s the reason behind your passion that powers your commitment.

There’s a major difference between aligning yourself with the reason behind your commitment, and doing things in a similar way to the major players that are already in your product /service area. Copying the way others do things not only makes you no different to them, hence as the newcomer less attractive, but also ensures you lose your particular identity and offering.

Why is commitment so important?

Because it’s the difference between keeping going and giving up. Whilst passion can also be referred to as purpose, the reality is that one can give up on purpose. But by its very nature one never gives up on one’s passion.

Ask yourself these two questions today.

1. What are you committed to?

2. What are the reasons behind your Commitment?

Many of you may not like what I’m about to say next, but I’m hoping my pointing it out will jolt you into action. As I said earlier this week, I don’t particularly care whether or not you like me. What matters to me is your Success.

Some (usually about 20% of readers) diligently invest the necessary time and effort to perform these tasks. Others (usually another 20%) don’t need to because they’ve undergone similar exercises of personal discovery before. This 40% (those that do the tasks) are often the ones that go on to successfully actualise their Passion. For it is the same depth of Commitment to their Self Discovery they apply to actualising their Passion. They recognise that ‘Dream’ and ‘Potential’ are not enough. Commitment, Hard Work, and Determination must be applied in continuously large doses.

“Unfortunately 60% of readers get excited for a few minutes, make declarations of their future success, but don’t bother doing the necessary leg-work; and hence are unable to actualise anything at all.”

So again, I urge you to ask yourself these two questions.

1. What are you committed to?
2. What are the reasons behind your commitment?

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